Fashion at the Oscars

oscarsWhat is Fashion and why are we so obsessed with it?  We know it’s the very thing that defines and expresses us, a non verbal statement telling everyone who we are and how we want the world to perceive us.  Some even say they are unreceptive to fashion but they are still making a fashion statement socially, culturally and even psychologically.  Fashion has been around for centuries and as long as humans are able express themselves it’s not going anywhere.  One thing is for certain…Fashion is change. 

So what dictates Fashion?  Apart from the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York, we would have to point to cultural icons, musicians, actors, royalty, political figures, the girl who buys lattes at your local coffee shop 😉 and the list goes on.  I would say that’s quiet a big responsibility, setting the trend for nations! 

But how would you dress under that pressure while maintaining your glam and poise yet making a statement?  Would you dress sensibly, or would you fall victim to fashion!

Sunday we will tune in to watch the most prestigious of film awards…the Oscars.  All eyes are on the stars of the evening as they walk down the red carpet.  We are anticipating the best dressed for the evening and the sensible choices the rest will make.  But for some it will be their irrational choices that will have us question their sanity…what were they thinking?

Stay tuned to vote for the best and worst dressed!

And the award goes to….


Anne Hathaway in a silver and cream strapless Armani prive dress

Anne Hathaway in a silver and cream strapless Armani prive dress

Worst dressed….

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel in a white Prada duchesse satin gown.



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4 responses to “Fashion at the Oscars

  1. Beebs

    Well, i think there is a difference between being obsessed with fashion and having a great sense of style.

    Every season has a staple fashion attire and does NOT necessarily work on everyone, which is a mistake unfortunately many of us fall into hopefully, only once or twice in our lifetime…ok, then there are those who never learn from past mistakes. Its really a matter of knowing your body and what looks great on you.

    Have a sense of style comes easy to some and takes a while for others to develop. Its defines who you are and gives out the first impression of, you. Even major designers look to “street wear” to get inspired for their new collection. I have a great example, in summer 2005, i was in Paris and I noticed more than a few girls wearing those dropped crotched pants or MC hammer pants, i personally thought that was odd, but thats just me. Those pant eventually made their debut at the Louis Vitton winter 08/09 collection, all because of a few girls in Paris who weren’t afraid to express themselves. Again, not for everyone, certainly not me, even if the “Fashion genius” Marc Jacob put his stamp on it.

    Ps. I missed the Oscars red carpet, so I’m looking forward to some great pictures 😉

  2. Hana

    I have to agree with Beebs when she said that most people will make the mistake of following a trend that might not suit them at one point in their life, and unfortunately for Jessica Beil, she made it while walking the red carpet at the Oscars….oooh…that sucks. I mean was it a dress, were they pants…maybe a chair cover??? I guess we’ll never know!
    However, I do have to disagree with crowning her worst dressed, I would give that title to Sophia Loren, seriously….WHAT was she thinking??

    I do agree with Anne Hathaway being the best dressed, she looked elegant and classy

  3. Beebs

    Anne Hathatway’s dress would make great wedding dress by the way 😉

    I also loved Kate Winslet’s dress, but my ultimate favourite was Evan Rachel Wood’s dress.

    I definaltely agree with Sophia Loren and Jessica Biel what were they thinking. Fire ur stylist!!

  4. Lulu Amin

    The devil wears prada but Anne Hathaway wears Armani Prive!

    There are people who follow trends and then there are people who just have style. Anne Hathaway is one of them.

    Anne Hathaway is always choosing classic designers such as Marchesa, Valentino, and this year’s glittering Armani dress at the Oscars.

    I would wear that to my wedding!!!

    I have to say that credit is due to stylist Rachel Zoe. She obviously knows what works and then some…

    I also think that Amy Adams bold choice is splendid!

    Have a fabulous week ladies…

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