This year the trend is all about bright colours, texture, crystals and pearls…nothing subtle about this!    Large jewellery with movement is in so make a sexy statement with chunky pieces, rhinestones, coloured gems and pearls to give it that old-world charm.  For the daring fashionistas…a full splash of colour for you shoes will give you heels that pop!  Keep an eye on tropical schemes (turquoise and bright yellow shades) Reds and Greens are also in but if ever in doubt  stick to something simple and timeless.




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2 responses to “Accessorize!

  1. Lulu Amin

    I completely agree!

    I am in love with all things color…and what better time of the year to show off your neckline with daring pieces.

    I love the coral color this season it’s understated but so beautiful, but also mixed pieces.

    I’m starting to layer rings again…one place I’m finding nice deals at is Banana Republic they have really updated their look with bold sets.

    Ciao bellas’

  2. Laruen B.

    I love the jewellery!

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