Sassy By Nature!

pic1Sassy By Nature Gifts specializes in Custom Natural Spa Gift Sets for Bridesmaids (Bridal Party Gifts) and Welcome Out of Town Wedding Guest Gifts (for Hotel Rooms).  Other Wedding related Natural Gifts and or Delivered services include; Bridal shower/Stagette favors, Groomsmen gift boxes, Mother of Bride/Groom for Thank you Gifts, and our Reception Hall Essentials; natural table favors, emergency items kits in fancy boxes for washrooms at hall/reception, kids play baskets and our slipper or flip flop valet service!


3Frequently asked questions from Brides- 

1. Can we add anything we like to the recommended Bridal Party gift designs?
Yes, often Brides and Grooms like to have us tailor the gifts with the addition of a special item to really help make it a personalized gift

2. Can you customize the Welcome Wedding guest gift bags and boxes for hotel rooms by price?  
Yes, we can customize all of our gifts by preferred price range, or by color, theme or tailored to the individual etc..

 3. How much notice do you require?  

Sassy recommends that you place orders well in advance (at least 4 weeks notice) to ensure we will have the welcome gifts and bridal party gift sets ready & for all the guests arriving from out of town for your special day!.   





 Contact Josee at Sassy By Nature Gifts for more information or visit



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