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Winter Trends 2009-2010






Now that we’re emerging from a global financial   crisis we’ll be greeting the new year with the newest   of trends.  The colours for winter 2009/2010 consists of midnight blues, purples and violets, deep pinks, earth tones and charcoal greys.  Brown with tones of green create a stunning combination.  Scarlets and oranges with greys is another powerful combination this year.   Some of the trends for winter include: draping and layering, cloaks, print leggings, one shoulder tops and dresses, over the knee boots, animal prints, leather, military jackets and the big shoulders are back!  Black and white is always a safe bet and never out of style.



An inspirational piece from Bella Pillar





Marc Jacobs studded satin bag

Marc Jacobs studded satin bag





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Sassy By Nature!

pic1Sassy By Nature Gifts specializes in Custom Natural Spa Gift Sets for Bridesmaids (Bridal Party Gifts) and Welcome Out of Town Wedding Guest Gifts (for Hotel Rooms).  Other Wedding related Natural Gifts and or Delivered services include; Bridal shower/Stagette favors, Groomsmen gift boxes, Mother of Bride/Groom for Thank you Gifts, and our Reception Hall Essentials; natural table favors, emergency items kits in fancy boxes for washrooms at hall/reception, kids play baskets and our slipper or flip flop valet service!


3Frequently asked questions from Brides- 

1. Can we add anything we like to the recommended Bridal Party gift designs?
Yes, often Brides and Grooms like to have us tailor the gifts with the addition of a special item to really help make it a personalized gift

2. Can you customize the Welcome Wedding guest gift bags and boxes for hotel rooms by price?  
Yes, we can customize all of our gifts by preferred price range, or by color, theme or tailored to the individual etc..

 3. How much notice do you require?  

Sassy recommends that you place orders well in advance (at least 4 weeks notice) to ensure we will have the welcome gifts and bridal party gift sets ready & for all the guests arriving from out of town for your special day!.   





 Contact Josee at Sassy By Nature Gifts for more information or visit


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This year the trend is all about bright colours, texture, crystals and pearls…nothing subtle about this!    Large jewellery with movement is in so make a sexy statement with chunky pieces, rhinestones, coloured gems and pearls to give it that old-world charm.  For the daring fashionistas…a full splash of colour for you shoes will give you heels that pop!  Keep an eye on tropical schemes (turquoise and bright yellow shades) Reds and Greens are also in but if ever in doubt  stick to something simple and timeless.



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Fashion at the Oscars

oscarsWhat is Fashion and why are we so obsessed with it?  We know it’s the very thing that defines and expresses us, a non verbal statement telling everyone who we are and how we want the world to perceive us.  Some even say they are unreceptive to fashion but they are still making a fashion statement socially, culturally and even psychologically.  Fashion has been around for centuries and as long as humans are able express themselves it’s not going anywhere.  One thing is for certain…Fashion is change. 

So what dictates Fashion?  Apart from the runways of Paris, Milan, London and New York, we would have to point to cultural icons, musicians, actors, royalty, political figures, the girl who buys lattes at your local coffee shop 😉 and the list goes on.  I would say that’s quiet a big responsibility, setting the trend for nations! 

But how would you dress under that pressure while maintaining your glam and poise yet making a statement?  Would you dress sensibly, or would you fall victim to fashion!

Sunday we will tune in to watch the most prestigious of film awards…the Oscars.  All eyes are on the stars of the evening as they walk down the red carpet.  We are anticipating the best dressed for the evening and the sensible choices the rest will make.  But for some it will be their irrational choices that will have us question their sanity…what were they thinking?

Stay tuned to vote for the best and worst dressed!

And the award goes to….


Anne Hathaway in a silver and cream strapless Armani prive dress

Anne Hathaway in a silver and cream strapless Armani prive dress

Worst dressed….

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel in a white Prada duchesse satin gown.


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